I have always loved the creative process of planning an event, small or large.  I was on the Homecoming Dance Planning Committee in high school and had so much fun dreaming, picking a theme, picking out decor, and getting creative with a limited budget. I have always obsessed over decorating for the holidays and my Christmas ornament collection is one of my most prized possessions.  In my twenties I lived in Chicago with my (now husband) and we'd host small dinner parties with friends or sometimes spend holidays just the two of us and I'd still carefully plan every detail.  Planning our wedding in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, was one of the best experiences and I even considered changing careers to enter the wedding industry!

We moved to Cleveland in 2016 and our parties grew in size since we had more family and friends around (and space to host!).  Before we knew it we were expecting our first daughter and I found myself making Pinterest boards for her first birthday party before she was even born!  Since then I have used the holidays and seasons as excuses to have a creative outlet for my family and to make our memories together even more special.

I have decided to create this little online shop to share my hard work to inspire others and help others create magical celebrations of their own. I hope you'll aspire to create memorable celebrations for your loved ones with the products in this shop and your own creative twist!